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container gardening - buy containers, garden tools, and supplies for container gardening at home.





Container Gardening - Supply Buying Tips!

Container gardening - With the increased popularity of gardening and the decreased availability of space to start a garden, one of the fastest growing trends these days is container gardening. Growing your favorite vegetables, flowers, or plants using container gardening can reap many of the same rewards as traditional gardening. It's also easier to keep an eye on how well your container garden is producing, as the fruits of your labor are easier to see!   






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Container gardening can easily be accomplished on the smallest patio, deck, terrace or windowsill. Why let your limited yard or patio space control if you can start a garden? Limited space no longer has to mean a limited garden. A variety of containers can be used for container gardening, including planter boxes, wooden barrels, and hanging container gardening baskets. 

What to take into consideration when buying your garden containers:
- Buy quality container gardening pots, cheap plastic may deteriorate in sunlight.
- Make sure your pot has adequate drainage. Holes should be 1/2 inch across.
- Set containers on bricks or blocks to allow free drainage.
- Consider self-watering planters for less maintenance.
- Be sure your container garden has adequate sunlight.

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For additional tips on choosing the best outdoor gardening supplies and outdoor decor, see our gardening supplies checklist for user recommendations on high quality garden supplies, accessories and garden tools.  Want to know more beofre you get started with your container garden? Read more about container gardening and get off to a great start before you even begin!


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