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Flame Weeder - A Garden Weeder at its Best!


When trying the flame weeder around your yard or garden you may be amazed at how fast this garden weeder works to kill weeds. The flame weeder literally withers weeds on contact, with no mess! No longer will you have to worry about messing with flame weeder - The effective garden weeder to kill weeds without chemical weeders, only flame weeder results. the potentially harmful chemicals in pesticides or herbicides from a garden weeder. The flame weeder is an alternative to chemical weeders and is potent enough to kill the toughest, thickest weeds in your garden or yard. This garden weeder can be used in countless places to kill weeds. Use in the garden, along pathways, driveways, patio bricks, and more. The flame weeder even offers a quick, push-button start for instant weed control at the press of a button!





The flame weeder is the choice of professional organic farmers!






A garden weeder that beats the competition:
The narrow flame from the garden weeder with flame allows you to directly target the weeds you're after, without affecting surrounding flowers or grass. The brass flame nozzle is designed to protect the flame from light winds and allows for the correct air/propane ratio. A comfortable grip handle allows the flame weeder to be used with ease. Extra padding on the grip ensures you can use this garden weeder for extended periods of time without discomfort. It's also light enough for even the most fragile of gardeners. The weeders compact size also allows for ease of storage when not in use. Once you give the flame weeder a try you'll wonder why you didn't try it sooner! Built to provide years of use and comfort while you work.


No More Chemical Weeders - Use the Flame Weeder for Better Results!



Benefits of the flame weeder garden weeder:
    - Instant results, with no digging or chemicals!
    - Padded garden weeder grip to prevent discomfort during use.
    - Nature-friendly, kill weeds without chemicals for effective garden weeders.
    - The flame weeder can even be used on icy driveways or pathways in winter.

     Flame Weeder  


The Flame Weeder May be the Last Garden Weeder You Ever Buy!




See the difference a propane flame garden weeder can make. Offered at The Master Gardening Catalog store. 

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