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Garden hose holder






Garden Hose Holder - Save on Water Hose Holders!


Hose holder - Don't get tangled in your own hose mess any longer. Garden hose holders are an efficient way to wind up your hoses after a busy day in the garden or yard. A water hose holder can be both decorative and protective, eliminating any chance of damage to your garden hoses. Offered in a variety of styles, from Victorian to Florentine, Gardener's Supply has a great selection of holders to choose from. In store you'll find garden hose holders with wide supports to prevent crimps and available hooks and nozzles for additional accessories. Best of all, you will find great prices on all garden and water hose supplies for home!


Find a decorative and easy-to-mount garden hose holder!

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The available selection of holders includes a coil hose holder hose hammock, Stratford water hose holders, Victorian hose holder, deluxe hose holders for extra support in your garden, Florentine hose holders for more accent in your yard, and a faucet-extending hose holder. Whatever option you choose however, we don't think you'll be disappointed with the quality and selection offered by the Gardeners catalog. Comprised of steel for additional durability, you'll be getting both a hose holder and wonderful accent for your yard or garden!

Benefits of a garden hose holder:
     - Can hold up to 200ft of water hose
     - Easily mountable with included screws
     - Available hose holders made of steel construction for extra durability 
     - Prevent damage to your garden hoses 
     - Easy to care for and clean 

For additional tips on choosing the best outdoor garden supplies and accessories, see our gardening supplies checklist and get user recommendations on high quality garden supplies, water hose holder, yard decorations and garden tools.




See the difference a quality hose holder can make! 

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garden hose holder - Save on decorative garden hose holders and water hose holders.

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