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Light Gardens - Save When You Buy Online!


Light Garden – Many plants grow quite well under the fluorescent light of a light garden.  Proper light gardens usually consist of a two-bulb, 48 inch light fixture.  Lights in the light garden can be turned on and off to adjust daylength as needed.  Plants within the light garden can be adjusted for height from the fluorescent bulbs, but users recommend placing plants 6-9 inches below the tubes for best garden results.  Once you have your new light garden you’ll be able to grow and nourish plants all year long, regardless of the weather outside! 


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light gardens




Grow your plants and vegetables indoor with ease. No need to worry about repositioning your plants during the day for proper light anymore! With a quality light garden from Gardener's Supply you can rest assured your plants will grow the way they're supposed to. Many models offered with adjustable fluorescent fixtures to give the amount of light you want. Ensure your flowers or indoor vegetable plants get the exact amount of light they need. Use a timer for even better accuracy. Leaving town doesn't have to be a worry for your plants.



Tips for using a light garden:

-          Watch height of plants within light garden.  Recommended is 6 to 9 inches. 

-          For best results, choose only light gardens with one, two-bulb fluorescent structure.

-          Be mindful to adjust bulbs for proper daylength in the light garden.

-          Light gardens help to bring nature inside and complement any décor!



Click Here to shop the light garden catalog from Gardener’s Supply. 

  light garden - find light gardens, indoor gardening tips, gsc gardens, and more gardening tips online.


For additional tips on choosing the best outdoor garden supplies and accessories, see our gardening supplies checklist and get user recommendations on high quality garden supplies, accessories and garden tools.


To start your search for the right light garden for your home enter the catalog here.





















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