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Microwave flower press to dry flowers quickly






Microwave Flower Press - Virtually Instant Results!


The microwave flower press - making your flower drying experience more enjoyable and efficient! No longer will you have to wait days, or even weeks, to dry flower press. Now, get virtually instant results from your dry flower press. The innovative microwave flower press retains your flowers vibrant colors, while drying all flowers evenly with no burnt edges! The dry flower press used in your microwave virtually eliminates any possibility of spoilage, browning, or mildew formation. Once you try a microwave flower press and see the results you'll wonder why you ever used another dry flower press! 

The Microwave Flower Press - Save Time & Frustration!

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Benefits of the microwave flower press:
   - Decorate greeting cards, letters, and stationery in less time!
   - A dry flower press that's inexpensive and easy to use
   - Includes vented press with clamps, absorbent felt pads, and liner sheets. 
   - Microwave press is available in small or large.

Flower pressing can be time consuming and exhaustive. The patented microwave flower press preserves color much better than conventional pressing, and gives virtually instant results. Sometimes you just can't wait days, or even weeks to dry flower press for greeting cards or party invitations. Cards, paper, party invitations, stationery, gift tags, stickers for envelopes and more! The possibilities for what you can do with your microwave flower press are almost endless with a little imagination!

For additional tips on choosing the best outdoor garden supplies and accessories, see our gardening supplies checklist and get user recommendations on high quality garden supplies, microwave flower press, yard decorations and garden tools.


See how quick and efficient your dry flower press can be  

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microwave flower press to dry flowers almost instantly - The microwave flower press is a dry flower press that saves time and frustration.

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