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Aqua cones for plant watering






Garden Watering - Aqua Cones Save Time & Money!


Aqua cones are the solution to the sometimes time-consuming task of plant watering in your garden. Why spend many minutes or hours watering each plant in your garden when aqua cones will do the job for you! That's right, an aqua cone lets you turn old soda bottles into a super-easy, super-efficient garden watering irrigation system. The cones design allows for easy targeting of the root zone for the right amount of water. Regardless of soil type, the aqua cone will work just as efficiently on all garden plants. The green color even allows the aqua cones to be easily hidden in your plant leaves. It's time you put that hose away and stop concerning yourself with watering!






Use Aqua Cones & Stop Worrying About Plant Watering!
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Aqua cones are a simple solution to a sometimes arduous task. For garden watering, no more lifting of heavy watering cans or digging through the garden to make sure each plant or flower is sufficiently watered. Simplify your plant watering with a little-to-no maintenance aqua cone. Targeting the root of your plants, the aqua cone system is designed to get at where your plants or flowers need it most. Allowing you to reuse your old soda bottles also makes the garden watering system earth-friendly. Easily allows for plant watering or flower watering far from where your conventional hose can reach. One of the best features of all is that aqua cones are priced so low you can stock up for the garden!

Benefits to using aqua cones: 
     - Save time and money, while using less water
     - Easily water plants your hose can't reach
     - Discreet and easily assembled
     - Allow you to use old soda bottles (1 or 2 liter)
     - Gets right to the root for plant watering effectiveness
     - One of the quickest and easiest garden watering systems around!


Easy Plant Watering With the Aqua Cones!
Learn More About The Aqua Cone

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All about aqua cones and see the difference you'll experience in garden watering! 






Plant watering - Try aqua cones for plant watering and to simplify all your garden watering.









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