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rain barrels - tips on rain catchers, rain barrels, gardening supplies, rain barrells and more at Gardening Essentials.





Rain Barrels - Low Prices at Gardener's Supply!

Rain barrels - With water prices on the rise and the lack of many minerals crucial to gardening in tap water, rain barrels, or rain catchers, have become the smart solution for the wise gardener. Quality-built rain barrels help you catch and store rain for those sunny days - which are usually plentiful during the summer months! Rain barrels come in many varieties and gallon sizes and can be constructed of different materials. With the number of choices available it's recommended to view all rain catcher options available before making a choice. See the selection of rain water barrels and catchers from Gardener's Supply, where your satisfaction is always guaranteed. New sales are always added, so visit today and see what's in store! 


Save Water and Time Using Rain Barrels!

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Why save for a rainy day? Instead use rain barrells to save water for a sunny day! With so many rain catcher devices on the market how is one to know what is best for their garden? Gardeners Supply helps to take the guessing work out of buying your gardening supplies. Not only will you find some of the best made rain barrels in store but the Gardeners Catalog online carries tips for using and maintaining rain water barrels for years of use. Avoid those cut-rate gardening shops with poorly constructed rain barells. Shop from a company that's been around for years and you'll be shopping for quality! Visit Gardener's Supply today for advice and help picking out the best rain catcher for your yard or garden. 


Benefits to using rain barrels for a healthy garden:

- Save time, energy, and worry with the water-efficient rain barells.
- Conserve water and save money on your water bill with a rain catcher.
- It only takes about inch of rainwater runoff from a roof to fill a rain barrel. 
- No chlorine, less sediment and less dissolved salts than tap water helps rain   barrells water to keep your garden looking healthy. Use rain water barrels often.
- Rain barrells allow for easy storage and hose hookup for use in your entire yard.

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For additional tips on choosing the best rain barrells and accessories, see our gardening supplies checklist for user recommendations on high quality garden supplies, rain barrels, accessories, water rain barells and garden tools.

To start your search for the right rain barrels enter the catalog here.












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