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self watering planters - find self watering pots, planters, garden supply, containers, and container gardening kits at Gardening Essentials.





Self Watering Planters At Discount!


Self Watering Planter - When choosing self watering containers, pots or planters, the most important feature is good drainage.  Excess water can sometimes lead to root rot.  There are many varieties of self watering planters available, but look for containers with large drainage holes and be sure to drain saucers after watering.   In general, the bigger the self watering pot, the less time and care it will need. Save yourself time and trouble worrying about your treasured plants! Come see the selection available today at Gardener's Catalog. New items always added and you'll find new sales all the time.   


Save time and Energy on Your Plants with a Self Watering Planter!

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self watering planter


For a great variety of clay and ceramic self watering pots and self watering planters try Gardener's Catalog. In addition to finding the self watering pots right for your garden, youíll find even more valuable tips on setting up your planter right the first time. No longer will you need to concern yourself with proper watering of your plants. Shop online today and get everything shipped right to your door fast!


Tips for using self watering pots and planters to start your garden:

-          Conserve water and save money on your water bill with self watering planters.

-          Clay and ceramic planters are recommended.

-          Choose self watering containers with good drainage.

-          Use cascading plants near the edge of your self watering container and taller plants towards the center.


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To get more tips on choosing the best outdoor garden supplies and accessories, see our gardening supplies checklist and get user recommendations on high quality garden supplies, accessories and garden tools.  



  Find self watering pots and planters at big discounts online! 

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