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Skunk Removal 



5 things that DO help in skunk removal...



1) Grub treatment in season
I dropped the ball on this one I have to admit, which is the main reason my little friend kept visiting and digging up the yard nightly. Depending on where you live, an application of grub (beetle larvae) treatment to prevent grubbing is typically called for once from May-September. Skunks LOVE grubs and they are determined to revisit the source of where they find them. Eliminate grubs and you highly increase your chances of keeping skunks off your property. No grubs=no digging either, something I now remember every time I see another hole in the grass.

2) Ammonia soaked rags to make 'em gag
This is actually one smell skunks hate and will try to avoid as much as possible. Soak several small rags in ammonia and spread them around where the skunk may be nesting or entering your yard and they may soon stop showing up. You will need to reapply every few nights however, as the smell will dissipate.




3) Moth balls

Another scent skunks are known to avoid is moth balls. If you have ever gone into grandma’s closet you probably know why, they are pungent! Either place several in areas you know the skunk frequents around your yard, or to make them go even further crush them up first and spread around. Do be careful not to place where children or pets frequent however, as they can be dangerous if handled improperly.

4) Fence those suckers out
Skunks supposedly can dig up to 4 inches below a fence or barrier to enter your space, so something needs to be done under any fence line to keep them out. Chicken wire placed at a depth of 5-6” may work, or for more protection it is suggested to get a heavier gauge wire. Dig down and place fencing in an L-shape for best prevention of yard digging.

5) Castor oil spreading
This pest oil is mostly sold to prevent moles, weasel, and other digging pests out of soil but can work wonders with skunks as well. Many retailers sell castor oil sprays ready to hook up to a hose or ready to mix. There are a variety of castor oil varieties, so ask a hardware store attendant which one they recommend to prevent skunks and then apply liberally to your invaded space.

Hopefully the tips above put you on the right path for what not to try and what should be done. In a state of desperation as the skunk at my home invaded, I unfortunately ran through many of the myth treatments first. Not having prior knowledge of this warfare to come, I really had no good information to go from. And if anything came from my lesson and repeated violation by skunk, it’s that hopefully you won’t have to waste time finding a solution to get rid of a skunk once and for all. Good luck! 




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