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solar spot light - light up statues and garden decor with the innovative solar garden light, just one of the many solar spot light selections available.







The Solar Spot Light - A Gardeners Exclusive!

Solar spot lights - the innovative and energy saving way to light up your garden or yard. This exclusive solar spot light, offered from Gardener's Supply, has two separate swivel adjustments for positioning on any garden statue, accent, or patio. On this solar garden light, one adjustment is for directing the light and the other is to adjust the solar panel to face the sun for maximum charge effectiveness. The great thing about the solar garden lights dual-adjustment is you only need to position them once! Then get instant recharges day after day, and no more electric bills from your solar light.

Solar spot lights, spend less to light your garden!




Benefits of the solar spot light:
     - Light bulb never needs replacing!
     - Heavy-duty, weatherproof, aluminum garden light case
     - Includes three NiCad batteries 
     - Solar lights are available in green or black

Use a solar spot light to light up anything in your yard, patio or garden. Position the light to illuminate your favorite statue, yard decoration, or garden accent. Better yet, use your solar light to highlight the wonderful landscaping or tree sculpting job you've spent half your summer working on! Impress all onlookers with a wonderful, stylish array of light. 

For additional information and useful guidance on selecting the low-priced outdoor garden supplies and accessories, see our gardening supplies checklist and get user recommendations on high quality garden supplies, solar spot light, garden lights and garden tools.


 See the difference solar garden lights can make!  

Shop for solar spot lights










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