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tomato cage - Find heavy duty tomato stakes, tomato ladders, and plant cages.

discount tomato cage






Tomato Cage - Buy Heavy Duty Plant Cages!

Find a tomato cage assembled to handle full-grown heavy vines at Gardener's Supply. These plant cages are strong enough to support vines heavy with tomatoes. If tomato cage and tomato stakes are not working for your robust and vibrant plants, you must give the Gardener's tomato cage of thick steel a try. If you're looking for something to support those hefty vegetable plants coming from your hours of hard work in the garden we don't think you'll be disappointed! Plant cages are stackable for growing your tomato plants as tall as you'd like. A selection of tomato stakes and tomato ladders are also available. Visit today for a selection of steel and wooden tomato cages.















Try the New Tomato Cage or Tomato Ladder  - 100% Guaranteed!
Tomato Cage


Tomato Ladders:
If you're looking for heavy-duty tomato stakes built strong enough to hold up your healthy plants, try the Gardener's tomato stakes or tomato ladder. Unlike a tomato cage, these stakes are built for small or large tomato plants. The stakes will stand up to harsh weather, unlike some plant cages, as well as bugs and other elements. Thicker than ordinary tomato stakes, tomato cage, or tomato ladder, Gardener's Supply has gone out in search of the most well-built stakes and ladders to fit any garden. You pick the vegetable or plant, and the Gardener's tomato stake or tomato ladder will ultimately stand up to the test! These tomato cages, stakes, and ladders are built to support the most productive and fruitful plants you can grow in your garden. Stakes offered up to 56".







Learn more about tomato cages or tomato ladders

Benefits of tomato stakes, tomato cage, & ladders:
     - Large openings on plant cages for easy harvesting
     - Wooden cages and stakes made of rot-resistant wood
     - Assembly folds for easy storage
     - Pre-drilled tomato ladders for easy assembly
     - Support large, heavy vegetable or tomato plants

For additional tips on choosing the best outdoor garden supplies and accessories, see our gardening supplies checklist and get user recommendations on high quality garden supplies, tomato cage, stakes, ladders, yard decorations and garden tools.


 See the difference a tomato ladder, tomato stake or tomato cage can make!  

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